Program Room
Maple Hill halloween fairy rolls
Chopped carrot in hands copy
Maya fairy house summer copy
Flower press
Joel snow
Planting apple seed in dirt copy
Dirt in bucket GREAT copy
Sewing felt hearts copy
Waldorf handmade baby dolls copy


the joy and wonder

of childhood

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The Maple Hill Play Garden

The Maple Hill Play Garden serves children ages 15 months - 3+ years.


Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday,

8:30am - 12:15 pm (half day)/3:30 pm (full day)


The program operates on a school year calendar.

Imagine a school that allows children

the space for a simple childhood.

A place where time is unhurried;

where play is the child's most valued work.

A space where children can spend their days

in an inclusive home environment

that truly nourishes

the joy and wonder of childhood.