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We are working to balance paying our three educators a fair wage and program costs with the counterbalance of accessibility. The success of small, home-based family child care programs depends upon the generosity of full-paying families.

A portion of full-paying families' tuition is set aside to help provide financial aid to some families who need it in order to attend.

* As a program with space for up to 8-9 total children per day, financial aid opportunities are available but limited. Financial aid offered in a given year will depend upon the amount funds available that year.

Tuition Rates

2024-2025 School Year

In addition to care, our tuition includes many things:

Full Day Tuition (8:30 – 3:30):

5 Days: $20,600

4 Days: $16,750

3 Days: $13,650

Half Day Tuition (8:30 – 12:15)

5 Days: $15,650

4 Days: $13,350

3 Days: $10,450

Annual Supply Fee:

5 days - $675; 4 days - $550; 3 days - $425

If your family cannot make the full tuition work for your selected days, please email Amanda to discuss available options. We provide a limited number of spots with additional financial aid.

*All rates subject to change for 2025-2026 school year*

- Wholesome, hot, homemade morning snacks and lunches, made with mostly organic and/or local ingredients (no need to pack meals!)

- Outdoor gear for your child's time at school (full-body rain/snow suits; rain mittens; snow mittens)

- Diapers and wipes

- Nap materials (nap cot, cozy fleece sleeping bag, pillow)

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